Financial Aid

For families who live on less than $75,000, we are happy to provide spots at a reduced rate of up to 25% off and/or payment plan to attend Go Girls! Camp or Go Girls! Productions. Your amount can be paid all at once or split up into monthly installments.

If your family earns more than $75,000 and your current circumstances make it so that the regular price of camp of $729 (for Go Girls! Camp) or $749 (for Go Girls! Productions) is difficult for you, we are able to offer you the reduced prices of $650/$670 plus a payment plan that allows you to pay in monthly installments.

If you are interested in receiving either a reduced fee and/ or the payment plan here is how it works:

  1. Please click HERE to complete the Go Girls! Scholarship Application Form. This form will ask you to provide an explanation of  your current financial situation and a copy of your latest tax return
  2. We will respond by email with a coupon code for a reduced price and/or a detailed payment plan.
  3. Next you must register for camp online. You must pay the initial deposit of 25% to hold your spot.
  4. If you are opting for the payment plan it will begin the following month.

Why does camp cost what it does?

There are a number of factors that make Go Girls! so great. Two of which are 1) All camp sessions are run by highly skilled/educated teaching artists and 2) All camp sessions serve only about 30-48 girls, keeping Go Girls! intimate, safe, peaceful and fun. The teaching artists who lead the Go Girls! are creative geniuses who have the power and skill to teach sophisticated arts and social/emotional skills to girls with diverse learning styles. Many of them have studied at prestigious schools, some with advanced degrees. They take their work very seriously and are constantly reflecting on their strengths and challenges, improving their practice so that they can provide the best possible experience for your girls. These professionals, most of whom are women, deserve to be paid well for their incredible work so we do our best to make sure that happens.

In order for these creative geniuses to use their superpowers, we must keep the size of camps low. Our lower numbers ensure that all girls are seen, valued, and respected as part of the Go Girls! community. We keep low staff to youth ratios which makes everyone feel safe and gives everyone an opportunity to shine in classes as well as on stage. Maintaining these low ratios comes with a higher cost and is essential to the Go Girls! experience.

We must also say that the price of Go Girls! is quite comparable to other high-quality camps in the Bay Area. At $729 the price comes out to only $73 a day or $11.30 per hour. So, if you think about it, for less than the price of a standard babysitter, you are giving your daughter an incredible, life-changing experience. You can’t beat that!

Okay. That sounds great! But then why don’t you offer traditional scholarships so more people can afford this great camp experience?

Spotlight: Girls, the company that produces Go Girls!, is a for-profit social venture owned and operated by Lynn Johnson and Allison Kenny, women artists who are partners in life and business. This business is how we make our livelihood. It is how we support ourselves to do what we believe is very important work in the world. We have chosen this entrepreneurial path because we believe it is the most effective way that we can make an impact as leaders in this world. Because we are not a non-profit organization there are no grants or government contracts that support scholarships to attend our programs. When you pay less, we earn less money to operate our organization. However, because our mission is to ignite a compassion revolution by putting girls center stage, we are constantly working to make the lessons of Go Girls! available to as many girls and families as possible. We have partnered with and continue to build relationships with non-profits to make our programs and products more accessible to vulnerable communities in the Bay Area and beyond.  And, we believe it is our responsibility to be as generous as possible while still making sure we are able to meet our own needs and the needs of our business.