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Go-to Go Girl!

Hang out with Go-To Go Girl! Hannah Gavagan as she breaks down some of the tough questions that girls face in the real world. Ever been in an uncomfortable situation or had some big feelings about a problem? Hannah shares some awesome tools you can use to steer your ship when things get weird! 

Our mission is to educate, inspire, and activate girls and women to take center stage in their own lives and in their communities.  We believe that, when this happens, we will be building a more compassionate, more connected, and more creative society.  Our Go Girls! Culture Code is how we break down this big picture mission into accessible, doable pieces that we practice as a community.

Imagine 150 parents in a room listening to their daughters rock this anthem in loud, proud voices. Dads, moms and grandparents hold their phones high, documenting the moment their daughter dares to be herself. It's not unusual to see eyes brimming with tears. Watching a group of young girls refuse to accept stereotypes of who they can be is powerful.  We encourage every girl (including gender creative little ones who don't claim the pronoun "girl") to love and accept all the parts of themselves.

Stage and Resist

If they had been old enough to vote, none of this would be happening.  Do you know a girl aged 10-18 who is ready to stage an artistic revolution?