Meet Our Amazing Teaching Artists!

Alana Banks (ab)

Production Media Assistant

ab is from north Oakland who is also an alum of UC Berkeley. During their time at UC Berkeley they were the Black communities senator. In addition, ab was apart of the Black Student Union's Demands Team that led to the creation of the Fannie Lou Hamer Black Resource Center. Shortly after graduating, ab was hired by the university to work in the African American student development office. Under their leadership, they helped pass the BIG C referendum which secured funding for AASD as well as help open the Fannie Lou Hamer Black Resource Center. They currently work with Peoples Breakfast Oakland, a Black grassroots organization that serves food, hygiene products, and clothes to houseless residents in Oakland. ab is also a full time artist- using art to transform their community and do what Nina Simone said a true artist does: Reflect the times. ab is honored!!! to work with girls and help continue the compassion revolution!


Aly Scott

Assistant Teacher

Aly is excited to be spending her second summer with GoGirls! Camp. She is a sophomore in high school who enjoys drawing, painting, and ceramics, along with running for her school track team. Aly steps into her light when she is in nature and during group activities.



Anisya Lustig-Ellison

Assistant Drama Teacher

Anisya is so excited to spend her ninth summer as an assistant teacher at Go Girls! Camp. She graduated from Encinal High School in June and will be attending Sonoma State University in the fall. She is planning on studying political sciences and sustainability but will always have a passion for theatre and the arts. Anisya steps into her light when she builds relationships with the girls at camp and models why it’s okay to be confident in what you love.

Annika Prager

Play Director/Production Media Artist

Annika (they/them) is extraordinarily excited to be returning for their fourth summer at GoGirls Camp! They are currently studying Theatre and Women & Gender Studies at Hunter College. Annika lives in New York City where they work as the president of HTC (an entirely student-run theatre company). Their aspiration in life is to combine social activism and theatre to create inspirational and educational work they call “Performing Arts for Social Justice.” When they aren’t teaching at GoGirls Camp, Annika is directing, designing, writing, and acting in plays. Annika is proud to be a GoGirl and can’t wait to share their passion for Theatre and Film with the whole Spotlight Girls community this summer!

Anthonia Onyejekwe

Production Media Artist

Anthonia is excited to be apart of the Go Girls! Camp this year! She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Media and Cultural Studies and a Master degree in Cinema. Although she has a passion for filmmaking and content creation, she is also passionate in connecting with the youth and inspiring them to reach their greatest potential!

Arayah Fleming

Dance Choreographer




Arayah is incredibly excited and grateful to begin her first summer with Go Girls! She is a second year college student majoring in psychology and a dance teaching artist in the bay area. Arayah steps into her light when she helps her students become more confident in their bodies through the movement she teaches them.


Carli Kyles

Camp Mama







Clara Hollowgrass

Expressive Artist

Clara is excited to return to Go Girls! Camp this summer. She is a college freshmen. She loves art and general goofiness. Clara steps into her light when she gets to create change and build community. 



Ellie Park

Assistant Teacher

Ellie is so excited to jump into Go Girls! Camp this summer. She attends Albany High School and is going to be a junior this school year! She is absolutely in love with dance, art, theater, and so on! Ellie is looking forward to meeting and having fun with all the girls this summer!


Emily Hippert

Expressive Artist

Emily is excited to be back with Go Girls! Camp this year. As a teaching artist, she has facilitated art making and creative expression in partnership with many schools and organizations throughout the east bay. She is currently the Expressive Art Instructor at the Community School for Creative Education in Oakland, and the co-creator of The Shape of Us, a shadow theatre workshop in partnership with Berkeley Food and Housing Project. She is a lucky mama to her own go girl (and boy!) and sometimes finds time to perform with her beloved playback theatre ensemble.


Francesca Levett

Assistant Teacher

Francesca could not be more excited to be an assistant teacher at Go Girls! this summer! She has been been a part of this camp since she was four years old, was one of the first Go Girls!, and has been an assistant teacher for the past four years. Francesca is a 2019 graduate of Saint Mary's College High School, and is attending the University of Maryland in the fall to study psychology. In her spare time, Francesca loves to spend time with her family and friends, play soccer, travel, and be a part of Go Girls! She deeply believes in helping young girls learn how to take center stage and be strong and kind through the Go Girls! mission.

Hannah Gavagan

Play Director/Camp Mama

Hannah is a filmmaker, actor, and veteran Go Girl! For 6 summers, she has directed more plays than she can count, hung up A LOT of backdrops on a ladder, and cried with pride as Go Girls took center stage. She believes in Spotlight:Girls not only as a change-making program for girls, but also as a compassion-driven community. 


Hannah Rudsten

Assistant Teacher

Hannah is beyond excited to be spending her first summer with Go Girls! Camp. She holds a Masters in Counseling Psychology with a concentration in Drama Therapy from the California Institute of Integral Studies. Ever since high school she knew she wanted to help others, especially girls. She always loved theater as an adolescent and when she realized she could combine her passion of helping people using drama from an improv teacher of hers, she felt she found her true calling. Hannah is in her element when she is surrounded by like-minded and empowered women and girls who want to share their stories through the arts. 

Ja'Ne Hall

Camp Mama/Expressive Artist

Ja'Ne is excited to return to Go Girls! after spending last summer as an Expressive Artist. She holds a BA in Human Services and is currently obtaining her MED Specialized in SpeciaL Education and a MM SPED Teaching Credential. Ja'Ne is a Elementary teacher in PUSD. She has been close to the arts since a young girl through school programs and working close with her community. As an assistant Play Director, she helped put on the first "Urban Nutcracker" in Pittsburg CA December 2018. Ja'Ne steps into her light when she is teaching strategies to help her students have a better quality of life and dancing in a space with LOUD music!!


Jayne Robert-Adams

Assistant Teacher

Jayne is thrilled to be spending her sixth year with Go Girls! Camp. She is a senior at Berkeley High School and enjoys expressing herself through art and music in her choir. Jayne steps into her light when she interacts with new people and gets to make new friends and grow into new situations.


Julie Douglas

Play Director

Julie is so excited to return to Go Girls! Camp. She has worked with Spotlight Girls for over six years (with a short hiatus last summer) and believes wholeheartedly in its mission to empower girls through the arts. Julie holds a Masters and B.A. in Theatre. She is passionate about sharing the power of connection through empathy and cultivating the imagination to dream up and make real the world we want to live in. She performs regularly as an actor-creator and hospital clown. Julie teaches as an adjunct professor at A.C.T. and St. Mary's College as well as a guest teaching artist with organizations such as Berkeley Playhouse, Oakland College Prep H.S., S.F. Shakes and The Theater School.


Kat Reeve

Camp Mama/Expressive Artist

Kat is excited to be back for her fifth summer at Go Girls Camp! She loved teaching Expressive Art and is honored to step into a new role this year as Camp Mama. Kat is an educator, mentor and future therapist. She has a degree in Creative Writing from Mills College and strives to bring creativity, curiosity and truth to everything she does.


Katie Abramson-Newman

Assistant Teacher

Katie is so exited to be an assistant teacher for the first time at Go Girls! summer camp. As someone who attended Go Girls! every summer as a child, she is happy to be giving back to a family that shaped her life so much, and to help young girls have an experience just as magical as she had.



Kelly Campanella

Expressive Artist

Kelly is excited to be back for her second summer with Go Girls! Camp. Kelly has an MFA in Studio Art and has worked with youth for 15 years as an art teacher, advocate and mentor.



Kriya Subramanyan

Assistant Teacher

Kriya is incredibly excited to be working at Go Girls! Camp this summer. She has a huge interest in drama and acting, so she is looking forward to sharing her passion with both the staff and students. Kriya steps into her light when she is able to work together with the people around her and contribute new and engaging ideas to her team.



Lulu Cirne Lima

Assistant Teacher

Lulu is so excited to spend her 10th year with Go Girls! She has been a dancer and musician since she was very young. She enjoys playing games with friends and family. Lulu's favorite type of food is Thai food. Since she started Go Girls!, she loves each and every person she has met. She loves to express herself and learning valuable lessons. Go Girls! has really helped her become a better person and friend.


Marjorie Ortiz

Dance Choreographer

Marjorie is a Bay Area native who has been teaching, choreographing, and directing dance programs in the Bay Area since 2006. She is currently the Dance & Drama Director at Encinal Jr/Sr High School in Alameda, a Teaching Artist at Destiny Arts Center in Oakland, and Cheer Coach at Jillian's Studio of Dance in Pleasanton, as well as, teaches various dance styles, master classes, private lessons, and workshops under her own organization, Beyond Movement. Marjorie has her Teaching Credential in Physical Education from CSUEB and a Masters of Science in Educational Technology. She shares her passion for teaching, working with youth, and helping others by facilitating workshops and mentoring aspiring dance instructors for Support Services for Out of School Time Programs and as a member of Dance the Bay's Advisory Board as a Dance Education Specialist. Other than her work with Go Girls!, Marjorie proudly supports her community through performances and artistic activism work with MEnD Dance Theater Company, the Grammy-nominated Alphabet Rockers, and as a member of the all female-identified dance collective Mix'd Ingrdnts Dance Company based in Oakland, CA. Through dance as a positive outlet and tool to heal, she hopes to motivate others to raise awareness and gain support for various philanthropic causes, inspiring them to use their voice as performers to create art that is significant to them and impacts society.

Max Silverstein

Production Media Assistant

Max has been going to Go Girls! Camp since they were four years old, and has loved it ever since. They have been involved in theater through Go Girls! Camp, as well as through their high school, and love to work stage crew. They have made tons of short films through Go Girls Productions, and in their own free time. Max steps into their light whenever they are helping the world to become an accepting place.


Miia Williams

Camp Mama/Play Director

Miia is excited to spend a part of her summer with the Spotlight Girls Family! This is her third year working for Go Girls! For the past five years she has been a Teaching Artist for such companies as New Conservatory Theater Center, Starlight Theater, and Townhall Theater. Miia now works full-time as a Teaching Artist for Kaiser Permanente Educational Theater. Helping young people discover and tap into to their full potential is why she does this work.


Molly James

Music Specialist

Molly is an artist and youth educator based in the SF Bay Area. Molly is passionate about building a world where empathy and justice define our human story. She’s been creating and leading experiential curriculum for kids and adults since 2012. Programs she’s designed have focused on diverse topics ranging from nature connection to vulnerability in leadership to songwriting and design thinking. Across each experience is informed by a deep commitment to creating safety for expression, empowering participants to own their learning and building community. For the past 3 years she’s worked with Oakland based non profit, Soul Shoppe, delivering social and emotional learning to elementary school students.

Molly Stuart

Expressive Artist

Molly is thrilled to be returning to Go Girls! Camp as an Expressive Artist. She recently graduated from Mills College where she studied literature, language, and philosophy. This summer she is exploring her roots by drawing inspiration from her art teacher mother and then departing for post-graduation adventures which include rooting for the U.S. women's national soccer team at the World Cup in France. What Molly loves most about Go Girls! is how much she learns from the creative and brilliant girls and educators.

Naomi Birenbaum

Assistant Teacher

This will be Naomi's fifth summer with Go Girls! Camp. She is a rising junior at Berkeley High School. In her free time, Naomi loves to spend time with her friends and family, play the flute, bake, and travel.


Rachel Stein

Assistant Teacher

Rachel is so excited to be spending her third summer with Go Girls! She just graduated from high school and is continuing her education at the University of Oregon next year as a Human Physiology major. She has been in drama and choir all four years of high school and loves to act and sing. Rachel steps into her light when she is collaborating with girls to help them find their voices and shine.





Rhonda Crane

Music Specialist

Ms. Rhonda has worked with Go Girls! as a music specialist for four years. Her background as a musician includes choral ensemble singing and teaching both vocal and piano students. She currently performs as a vocalist with Chelles Juke Joint, Chelle and Friends and sings Gospel Music with renown Love Center Ministries. Last year, she started her own World Culture Children's Choir in Berkeley, California! Rhonda steps into her light when sharing her love and joy of music with her students. She's deeply rooted in her church and music communities!

Sreya Subramanyan

Assistant Teacher

Sreya is so excited to be returning to Go Girls! Camp for her second year! She is currently double majoring in Political Science and Sociology at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Sreya steps into her light when she takes a stand on important issues and when she helps uplift voices in her community and others.


Theresa Horn

Camp Mama/Site Director

Theresa is s proud girl advocate and theatre artist. She believes in using creative expression to build confidence and leadership skills and is passionate about helping girls find their voices. Growing up, Theresa found her voice in the theatre and continues to do so both as an Actor onstage and as a Teaching Artist in the classroom. This is her 6th conservative year with Go Girls! Camp. She is very excited to welcome her own little Go Girl!, due this summer!

Tilden Skoble

Assistant Teacher

This will be Tilden's fifth year working for Go Girls! camp. She went to camp way back when it was called Glitter & Razz, and is thrilled to be back again. Tilden is going to be a junior at Berkeley High School in the fall, and enjoys taking literature, ceramics and film photography courses there. Some of her hobbies include painting, rock climbing, and photography. She feels best when she can use her light to help others shine.


Tyanna Braswell

Aftercare Lead

Tyanna is excited to work with GoGirls camp. She has tons of experience working with youth in the Bay Area and hopes to contribute what she’s learned from this to her work with GoGirls. She has worked as a preschool and kindergarten teacher for 3 years professionally and also volunteers as a cheerleading coach for Pop Warner. When she is not working, she is a spoken word poet and heavily believes in the power of our voice. She hopes to inspire confidence and individuality through her time with GoGirls.