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Go Girls! is not just a summer camp.  It’s a movement.  We are educating, inspiring, and activating girls to take center stage!

 Summer at Go Girls! consists of 2 different camps - Go Girls! Camp (for 1st-4th grade girls) and Go Girls! Productions (for 5th & 6th grade girls).


Over two weeks, rising first graders - fourth graders learn social and emotional skills through the arts. Girls practice theater, expressive arts, music and perform their very own play that promotes pro-social values.

Make a Play

Our Make a Play process leads the girls on the journey of devising an original play together as a community.  

Make Art

Go Girls! draw, sew, collage, write poems, paint murals, make new inventions, and more.  

Make Friends

Both in classes and free play time, Go Girls! is intentionally designed to teach girls the skills they need to love themselves and each other in powerful ways.


Older girls (rising fifth and sixth graders) produce, edit, direct, and star in their own short films.  Girls learn to think critically of the media they consume while creating original girl-powered media.

Make Media

Learning the skills of production from talented and experienced teaching artists, our Go Girls! Production team is equipped with technical skills and impactful social skills

Think Critically

Age appropriate media literacy lessons will help tween Go Girls! be able to see and talk about the media they consume in new and powerful ways

Be Role Models

Go Girls! Productions sessions happen on site with our Go Girls! Camp. There are specific points in the day when they get to share their work and build meaningful relationships across ages.


“The framework for articulating emotions with a kind heart deeply resonate with our family. And the boost in our daughter’s confidence after 2 weeks of camp has been both astonishing and sustained."

56% of parents report positive changes in their daughter’s confidence after just 2 weeks of camp

Take a look at the effect Go Girls! has on girls who have been in the programs for years.


Go Girls! Culture Code

Spotlight: Girls educates, inspires and activates girls to take center stage. We give you and your daughter the tools to step into your light and become the leaders we’ve all been waiting for.  Here’s how…

Say Yes!

I am ready for anything.

I say yes to keep the fun going. 

I say no to keep myself safe. 

Give & Take

I give to others and I am happy.

I take in the good and I am healthy.

I am a go Girl! and I belong. 

Make Mistakes

I am not perfect. 

I celebrate myself for learning and trying.

I get to grow and change.

Feel My Feelings

I feel happy and angry and everything in between

I can act calm and confident even when I'm not.

I'm just right as I am.

Take Center Stage

I make brave, bold choices.

I have the power of my voice, body and imagination

I am a part of the whole play. 

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“…my Ayva has found her forever camp in Go Girls! Camp and it’s likely that we’re set for the rest of our lives.”


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“I’m in love with this program already!”

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